How I work

Yogagems is based on the Special Yoga methodology which is a therapeutic approach for children that is based on ancient knowledge from yoga postures, positive affirmations, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, massage and yogic philosophy to help children self-soothe, regulate emotions and develop self-awareness. Yogagems is constantly evolving and taking influence from holistic therapies for children including massage, tui na, acupressure, reflexology and indian head massage.

There is no pressure, it is never forced, it is a fun exploration into what feels good and what works for each unique individual child. We focus only on celebrating the positives and noticing how we are the same, not different. Children appreciate our presence and attention and by focusing on our breath, we practice being present in the moment which allows us to build a strong connection with the child. We try to have ‘no expectations’ of what the children will or won’t do, we simply offer techniques and enjoy and celebrate ‘being’ with each child for their wonderful uniqueness. These tools empower children to take charge of their own mental and physical health and learn how to consciously relax. Every session focuses on understanding every child’s specific need and adapting the practices to support them.

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