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1:1 Yoga therapy for children with additional support needs including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Conditions, Anxiety and children who need emotional or behavioural support. Working therapeutically can help children identify for themselves how to use yoga and mindfulness techniques to self soothe. These sessions are designed to meet the particular child’s needs and support them in finding strategies to feel more content and balanced. If you are interested in this approach for your child then please click on the digital welcome pack below for more information. Zoom sessions are also available.

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Yoga and Mindfulness SESSIONS in Schools

Throughout my teaching career that no one can learn effectively if we are not regulated and in a calm state of mind. I have worked in several schools, mainstream and special educational needs, sharing therapeutic yoga and mindfulness techniques with children in groups or 1:1 sessions. Some children can find school overwhelming, the sensory experiences of noise, light and movement, the expectations and relationships with their peers. Covid has added another layer of fear and anxiety for some children. Yoga is something that isn’t competitive which can be a huge relief for some children. By allowing some time and space to practice yoga, it gives the children an opportunity to balance their nervous system, breathe deeply, relax and find themselves feeling better and in a better place to concentrate and learn.

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I wish I had known some yoga and mindfulness techniques when I was a school teacher as I think it would have helped me to create a calm for myself and the children. It is useful for school staff to have some experience of this, not only for their wellbeing, but so they can have ‘in the moment’ strategies to help them improve the atmosphere of the classroom and reduce stress, getting the best out of their students. This is not an approach to add more things to do for school staff, quite the opposite, it is for staff to realise that they are enough as they are and they can practice tools and techniques with their students that will have a positive impact on everyone. Please contact me for bespoke workshops and training for staff. These can also be delivered via zoom.


INSET workshops for Education Staff

Designed to equip education staff on some basic yoga and mindfulness principles that they can use to support themselves and the children.

1:1 yoga therapy sessions in schools

These are therapeutic sessions for children who may need some additional support. Sessions are up to one hour and are designed to meet that particular child’s needs and support them in finding strategies to feel more content and balanced. Sessions are available Monday – Saturday between 9am – 6pm.